The Mystery Bomber – Part 2

We started filming for the Mystery Bomber in April 2017. Our first stop was the Solent Sky Museum Archive in Southampton. It was here in amongst the books and files that our mystery aircraft had first been spotted.

Jammed into one building is a diverse collection of aircraft.

Solent Sky was established as the R J Mitchell Memorial Museum back in 1976. Since then the museum has been collecting artefacts and information on aviation in around the Solent area.

We met with Steve Alcock who showed us through the archive. Our cameraman John, immediately started about moving shelves and cases to set up our opening shots. While John was rearranging the library we got the chance to study the Cunliffe Owen Company albums.

Steve Alcock shows us the collection of Cunliffe Owen Albums.
Early in the war these aircraft are being repaired.

The albums give an idea of the work that Cunliffe Owen was doing during the war. As a repair and maintenance facility the company worked on hundreds of aircraft from single seat fighters to large four engined bombers.

Sometime in 1944 being prepared for D Day.