The Mystery Bomber – Part 1

At the height of the Battle of Britain in September 1940 an aircraft factory in Southern England was bombed by the Luftwaffe. It was a tragic raid that killed over 50 civilians. Apart from a small roll of honour and a set of photographs the raid has largely been forgotten.

That set of photographs was stored in the archive of The Solent Sky Museum. For years they lay untouched until a member of staff noticed the album on the shelve. When he opened the file to his amazement he spotted an unusual aircraft sat in the middle of the factory floor. What made it unusual was it German.

So the Plane Hunters journey began, with just three photographs we set out to try and explain this mystery. Why would the British have an enemy aircraft tucked away in a factory?

The Mystery German Bomber sits in the middle of the Cunliffe Owen Factory. Southampton England.