Podcast Ep4 – Interview with Dilip Sarkar

We met with the historian and author Dilip Sarkar MBE, a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, to talk about his work and forthcoming books, ‘Spitfire!’, concerning 19 Squadron during the Battle of Britain period, and ‘Arnhem 1944: The Human Tragedy of the Bridge Too Far’., majoring on the stories of individual casualties.
Fascinated by the Second World War for a lifetime, Dilip’s prolific work focuses on the ‘human’ element of war. He is deeply moved by the stories of casualties – especially the ‘missing’ – and how these losses continue to affect families today.
Dilip enjoyed a privileged relationship with many Battle of Britain pilots. His work with ‘the Few’ will be the subject of a forthcoming event at University Worcester on Sunday 7th April. More info http://www.ourfinesthour.net/